Soda Sales Dropped: Not Your Weight Loss Solution

SodaDiet, zero-calorie and even regular sodas are now falling out of favor. Sales of different companies show that sales of both low- and zero-calorie sodas have dropped by 7% and regular soda by 2%.

Soda companies cannot pinpoint exactly the cause of these drops. However, it is attributed to the idea that consumers are now more knowledgeable about how artificial sweeteners work in the body. Many would rather drink water instead of low- or zero-calorie sodas, that’s if one is trying to shed pounds.

Artificial Sweeteners May Be Bad For Your Health

There have been health issues about artificial sweeteners found in diet soda, primarily aspartame, as well as sucralose and acesulfame potassium. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other agencies globally even testified for their safety. In 1970, a study was published linking aspartame to cancer. However, the Food and Drug Administration disproved this by saying that the studies were flawed including an Italian study that was conducted in 2005.

Another study which was published in the Endocrinology and Metabolism journal Trends by a Purdue University professor, Susan Swithers, stated that a regular consumption of these sweeteners might encourage “metabolic derangements” just by tripping up the body mechanisms that usually regulate caloric intake.

Artificial sweeteners function by fooling the palate and the brain. The brain recognizes the sweet taste but fails to recognize that there is no or low glucose. Since the brain assumes that more glucose has just come in and may be Soda1used for more energy. The body would then convert the remaining circulating glucose or sugar in the blood into fat. Since there is little glucose left in the blood because the low- or zero-calorie drink failed to deliver any or enough glucose, one ends up with low glucose that leads to more craving for sweets.

Despite the fact that these sweeteners are some of the widely studied chemicals, there are still more unknown over the known facts on these artificial sweeteners.

Zero Calorie: Zero Weight Gain

A number of studies in the past regarding zero calories mean zero weight gain is now being disproved by current studies. Research of the American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) Scientific Sessions that were conducted in 2011 disproved the zero calorie zero weight gain study. Diet sodas can actually contribute to weight gain.

The best solution would be to kick the soda habit and stick to water.