Turin and the sport

Turin, as well as in many other sectors, has played a pioneering role in the sports field. Numerous previously unknown disciplines have been introduced in Italy thanks to prominent figures on the Turin scene, who have also made a fundamental contribution to the national sports organization, thanks to their aptitude for regulating and organizing such practices. Among the sports born in Turin are: gymnastics, shooting, horse riding, fencing, rowing and swimming. Virtually all winter sports had their beginnings in Turin: for example, ice skating, mountaineering and skiing. Not to forget the primacy of horse racing, with the first competition in the history of Italian horse riding in 1884; cycling; athletics and the foundation of the first Italian football team in 1887. Furthermore, the first Italian car race was the Turin-Asti-Turin in 1895. The Universiade was born in Turin in 1959. Sport in Turin is currently practiced by a large number of people, many of whom are masters. The City of Turin has 222 high-level sports facilities, of which 44 are directly managed and 178 under concession. In 2017, only the sports facilities directly managed by the Municipality were attended by about 300,000 athletes. The events, dedicated to various disciplines, held in the city, were 439. The Piedmontese capital excels in football with 2 Serie A clubs, Juventus and Turin and in basketball with Auxilium Pallacanestro Torino. There are also numerous athletes of Piedmontese origin who have achieved successes and goals of national and international importance.